Monday, August 2, 2010

drain sludge

the aftermath of a floor drain back up.

now where did i put that trash can?

so this isn't plumbing related...but it's still nasty! what you can't see in this photo, is the gnats swarming everywhere. Hoarding is a sickness, people! Get help! ...or at least hoard something cool - like Sardonic Salad merchandise, for instance. :)


so.... i think this blog is pretty much just going to become a dumping ground for pictures of gross things i encounder. Here is a functioning toilet from someone's home. believe it or not, i was there for a completely different plumbing issue... I got word later, that the toilet duck committed suicide, and the scrubbing bubbles went on strike, after seeing this...

here's your problem...

so this isn't out of a toilet... but it was a late night call for a clogged tub drain. Chewbacca has been reunited with his family and is doing well.